Sherrilyn Kenyon Author of Sytgian – A Dark Hunter Novel at SDCC 2018

Sherrilyn Kenyon is the author of the Dark Hunter series. During San Diego Comic Con we met up with Sherrilyn to talk with her about her latest book, Sytgian. Check out the book at Sherrilyn’s website here: Join the team and Support Good Nerd Bad Nerd here: Advertisements


Jason Liles at San Diego Comic Con

Jason Liles at San Diego Comic Con During this years SDCC, we caught up with friend of the show, Jason Liles. Jason talked with us more about the entire experience of playing George in Rampage. He took us through his training and preparation process all the way through the Red Carpet Premiere.  

The Death of Superman Cast and Creators at SDCC

The Cast and Creators of the latest DC animated film, The Death of Superman, spent some time talking with us their latest film. They explain the significance of this story and the emotional tole it has on the characters of the film. BURBANK, CA (May 16, 2018) – The Man of Steel meets his ultimate…

Julie Nathanson voice of Silver Banshee in LEGO’s DC Supervillains at SDCC

I sat down with Julie Nathanson, the voice of Silver Banshee in LEGO’s DC Super-villains during San Diego Comic Con 2018. She told us about her journey into voice acting and why she loves it so much.   Find Julie Here: Twitter: Instagram: IMDB:

Sacred Lies from Facebook Watch

Escaping Charlie at the Sacred Lies Activation at SDCC by Bryan Scheidler This year at San Diego Comic Con one of the surprise hits outside the convention center was the activation for Facebook’s upcoming show Sacred Lies. A 20 minute escape room that introduced challengers to the world and story of Sacred Lies. Knowing nothing else…

Batman The Animated Series Blu-Ray Box Set Release Interviews

The most iconic animated cartoon of all time is finally getting a blu-ray box set release. Batman the Animated Series is getting the treatment it deserves and we talked with the creators who made it the landmark show that it is. 

Amanda Troop at SDCC

Amanda Troop the voice of Maggie Sawyer in the upcoming Death of Superman movie from DC sits down with us at San Diego Comic Con. She talks with us about the importance of her character and some of her other work like the upcoming Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters. Instagram: Twitter:

Vanessa Marshall at SDCC

This year at San Diego Comic Con we sat down with Vanessa Marshall, the voice of Hera from Star Wars Rebels and Forces of Destiny. She let us in what made Hera so special to her and what the entire Rebels family is still up to. Plus she talks to us about why she does…

Sit Down with Dragon Ball Super’s Goku, Sean Schemmel

Dragon Ball Super’s Goku, Sean Schemmel I got to sit down with Sean Schemmel, the voice of Goku and talk with him about everything Dragon Ball. What it is like to play the character, what Dragon Ball means to him and what his hopes for the show are. Check it out!