Nerd Lounge Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy

Nerd Lounge Reviews
Guardians of the Galaxy

Are you ready for a SPOILER FULL review of the most epic films? You bet your ass you are! I am joined by an all-star team of Adam Yeend and Natalie Atkins and this week, we are breaking down Marvel’s latest offering “Guardians of the Galaxy”!

Here is All the Stuff we Talked about!

Bereet – The Girl in Peter Quill’s ship at the start of the film

J’Son of Spartax – Peter’s father whom we never actually see in the film

Yondu as he appears in the comics

The very first Guardians Team

Pip the Troll, member of the Infinity Watch and protecter of the Space Gem

The Celestials

Knowhere as seen in the comics, home base of the Guardians

The Guardians as seen in the comics relaunch

Security Guard Cosmo, the dog seen in the Collectors Archive
a Chitauri from Avengers seen in the Collectors Archive
 a Dark Elf from Thor 2 The Dark World seen in the Collectors Archive
Adam Warlocks Cocoon
Adam Warlock (from the 90’s)
Beta Ray Bill
The Slither Slugs
Carina, the Collectors Daughter
Howard the Duck from the awful 80’s film
Howard the Duck from the end credits tag
The Infinity Gauntlet and Gems

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