The Universal Remote Wars Just Got A New Competitor

Ray is Ready to Control Your World

The Home theater is a sacred place for many people, myself included. It is a refuge from the world.  A place where fans of tv, film, music, games, and tech all gather to relax and enjoy their loves and hobbies. Of course one of the things that has always been a cause of frustration is having a  Universal Remote that is neither truly universal or intelligent. That is where Ray comes into play. The Ray Super Remote is an intuitive, touchscreen universal remote for the Internet generation. Elegant and smart, Ray lets you search and discover TV content, replace all the remotes in your living room, and control thousands of devices including HDTVs, DVRs, set-top boxes, streaming media players, gaming consoles and more. What is basically a smart phone for your home theater, Ray looks to shake things up, and that is a good thing.
Check out its specs:

Processor & Memory:
• Dual core, ARM Cortex-A9, 1.0GHz, GPU
• 8Gb flash memory storage

• 4.8” diagonal 16 million color touch screen
• 1120×480 resolution
• Fingerprint and scratch-resistent oleophobic coating

Battery & Power:
• Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
• 2550 mAh battery capacity

Infrared Capabilities:
• 180° transmission angle
• 33 ft (10m) operating distance
• Control thousands of devices
• Learning IR codes capability

• 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth 4.0
• ZigBee*

*Curious what ZigBee is? 

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