New MLP Mystery Mini’s and Pop Vinyl from Funko

New MLP Mystery Mini’s and Pop Vinyl from Funko
Mystery Minis: My Little Pony Series 3
Friendship is magic and so is our latest
series of My Little Pony Mystery Minis!
Will you get a Party Pony like Cheese Sandwich or Pinkie Pie?
Maybe your box holds a more powerful Pony, like Princess Celestia
or Queen Chrysalis, or even a black variant!
Coming in September!

My Little Pony: Vinyl Figures
The leaders of the Crystal Empire are here!
Princess Cadance and her husband,
Prince Shining Armor, are My Little Pony royalty!
Add them to your collection to become royalty, too!
Spike the Dragon also joins our My Little Pony line! No collection is complete
without Twilight Sparkle’s best friend and number one assistant!
Coming in September! 

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