Review: This Is Us S2E2

This Is Us Season 2 Episode 2
by Julie Perez

Anyone else finding it extremely difficult to breathe without crying after the latest This Is Us episode?

Maybe my love for the show comes from the fact that it allows me to be unapologetically emotional and it’s okay because everyone is crying as well. Maybe it’s the fact that it carefully unpacks my emotions and then allows me to explore why I’m feeling the way that I am. Maybe the reason doesn’t matter because the point is that This Is Us may have just knocked FRIENDS out of the top spot on my list of favorite television shows.

nup_179169_1586-e1506889287511Jack is flawed, he has the essence of perfection wrapped in a blanket of problematic behavior. After admitting to Rebecca that he has a problem, you see what happens after he comes back home. We get a glimpse into the struggle, into the hesitation and into the determination. On last week’s episode Rebecca tells random, “Your father wasn’t perfect, but he was pretty damn close” and that statement became clearly evident on this week’s episode. Jack isn’t perfect but it’s his dedication to his family that has the audience continuously rooting for him.

This is Us - Season 2

On this episode Beth and Randall deal with the reality of making the decision to adopt an older child. Beth, who is the one who hesitated to agree to this initially, is taking all the steps necessary to make this happen. Yet, Randall is struggling to fill out the paperwork needed to begin the proceedings. As the episode progresses you realize that the reason why Randall is hesitating is because he’s afraid he’s going to fail. Here is where we see the downfall of trying to achieve perfection.

This-is-Us-S.2E.2Kevin’s least attractive side is the actor whose only goal is to be liked. As he comes back to the MANNY show, he is conflicted with all the feelings that caused him to quit the show and to be honest, I find it difficult to relate to this character. Which, I think, is the sign of a great show; I don’t have to relate to every single character. Watching This Is Us is like living in our own (close to perfect world) and encountering and learning about characters we would usually avoid (sorry Kevin) is what makes this show so special.

I’ll be honest, we were pretty into the episode when I started getting worried that I may not cry AT ALL on this episode, but then Kate sang “Landslide” and every single feeling came rushing in all at once. Chrissy Metz is breathtaking when she sings and you find yourself feeling she so intently wants you to feel. This episode brought a bit of more insight into Kate and Rebecca’s tumultuous relationship and I said it on my last review: the magic of this show is in the writing.

Rebecca : “What have I ever done?”
Kate: “You existed”

I had to stop, it was that line and the way in which Chrissy delivered it combined with the flinch that goes through Mandy Moore’s body when she hears it. Though only a few seconds long, that scene made the entire episode.

This show just keeps getting better and better in my opinion. Am I ready for to find out how Jack died? No. (Though, the more I think about it, the more I think they’re trying to trick us into believing it’s a fire. I think the fire may have been the thing that led to his death). Am I ready to see the struggles within Rebecca and Kate’s relationship? I have no tears left, please don’t do this to me. Though, emotional and sometimes difficult to experience (due to the relatability in the storylines) I need more This Is Us. Give me more awkward proud step-dad Miguel moments, give me more of Randall and Beth’s daughters being independent fireballs, GIVE ME MORE TOBY.

Suddenly I find myself relating to Toby the most because I too am Team Kate FOR LIFE.

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