Vanguard Princess Coming as a Digital Comic

eigoMANGA Publishes ‘Vanguard Princess’ Video Game As A Comic Book Series


(San Francisco, CA) – May 3, 2018: eigoMANGA announces that the PC video game ‘Vanguard Princess’, is now a comic book series through the digital distribution platform, Steam.

‘Vanguard Princess’ is originally a 2D fighting game for the PC that features an all-female cast each with their own unique fighting style. ‘Vanguard Princess’ is a 10-time #1 best-selling Windows PC game on Amazon.

In the comic book series, military experiments on a mysterious girl triggered a cosmic shock wave throughout the world that gifted various young girls with special powers. Many of these girls were recruited and militarized to help usher in a new era of world peace. They labeled a soldier with these powers as a ‘Vanguard Princess’ and this comic book series follows their adventures.

The ‘Vanguard Princess’ comic book series launches as an exclusive digital Steam DLC (downloadable content) starting Monday, May 7, 2018.

Visit the ‘Vanguard Princess’ website at
Visit the ‘Vanguard Princess’ Comic Book Series Steam website at



About eigoMANGA:

eigoMANGA is a production and publishing company that specializes in creating original comic books, animation, and digital media. The company formed an independent game development studio in January 2011 to localize and publish independent Japanese games. More information about eigoMANGA can be found at

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