A Little Nerd on the Side with Tamara Krinsky

A Little Nerd on the Side with Tamara Krinsky
by Bryan Scheidler

Tamara Krinsky

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd, I got to take some time to talk with Tamara Krinsky. Tamara is a Sciren (a collective of actresses dedicated to advocating for scientific literacy in the general public and creating science-infused entertainment content), the Red Carpet host for Marvel, and an accomplished actress. Her latest role is a combination of all her previous work as she launches a new show on the Science Channel, Tomorrow’s World Today. Tamara joins us to let us know what the show is all about and what her role as the Discovery Reporter is.


Follow Tamara Here:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/tamarakrinsky
Instagram: http://instagram.com/tamarakrinsky

Check out Tomorrow’s World Today Here

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