Word Nerd Review: Red Queen

Word Nerd Review: Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard
by Trisha Quezada


The last book in Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series was just released in May so it’s the perfect time to sit down with the stack, pick up the first book, and spend a weekend with Mare Barrow. In a world segregated by the color of a person’s blood, where the Silvers have all the political and physical power, Mare is something new. Something different. By a twist of fate or genetics, she has been blessed with an ability like the powers held by the Silvers. But where they can control water, or metal, or minds, she has the power to control lightning. And in an increasingly technologically based society, her control of electricity becomes both her salvation and her doom.

The characters in this series are really well drawn. Aveyard is excellent at writing them with enough ambiguity in their personalities that they feel very human. No one is perfectly good or bad and everyone has moments of selfishness and altruism. The world the story is set in is fascinating as well. It has modern amenities like electric lights, guns, and trains for the wealthy and powerful Silvers, but the Reds live in what feels like a completely different world where none of those things exists. It’s a clever amalgamation of current day and the 1700s. When I finished the 3rd book last year and realized that the series wasn’t completed yet I was so bummed that I had to wait for the last book (what can I say, I’m impatient). The last one was worth the wait, but since it’s out now, you don’t have to! And you shouldn’t. This is definitely a series worth binge reading.


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