Meet the Sisters of Sci-Fi


I am very excited to share this news with everyone, but our very own L. Stephanie Tait has been secretly working on a new project, the Sisters of Sci-Fi. Every episode she is joined by a different guest host and together they explore the vast contributions of women in science fiction. She explains it better than I do so check out her description of this brand new podcast, Sisters of Sci-Fi

About Sisters of Sci-Fi

Contrary to the (thankfully) diminishing belief that science fiction is a predominantly male genre, women have been at the forefront of sci-fi and speculative fiction since before it became a popularized literary category. Sisters of Sci-Fi is a bi-monthly podcast that examines the immense amount of science fiction written by women since the 1600s. In order to cover as many writers as possible, over this enormous expanse of time, rich with options, the show is formatted like a sort of book club, so listeners can plan ahead and read along, or sit back and enjoy discussions between host L. Stephanie Tait, and her fellow guest-hosts. New episodes will be posted the first and third Tuesday of every month.

Make sure you check it out and support Stephanie and her new show. Here are the links:

Twitter: @Queendomofmab and @sistersofscifi

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