Nerdist’s “Bizarre States” Hits the Road

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Expands Video Series Spinoff September 26 on Legendary Digital Networks’ Streaming Service

Burbank, Calif., September 12, 2018—Bizarre States hosts Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser are expanding their exploration of the oddball world of the occult, supernatural, and inexplicable with Bizarre States: California, a video series building on last season’s Bizarre States: Los Angeles with even more hauntings, urban myths, and unsolved mysteries. Produced by Nerdist for Legendary Digital Networks’ premium content service, Alpha, Bizarre States: California will premiere Wednesday, September 26, adding a whole new dimension of entertainment for fright fans by bringing cameras and commentary to the best real haunts across the Golden State.

Bizarre States: California will feature Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser as they bring their supernatural smarts and skills to a variety of spooky landmark locations all over California. Each creepy site will come to life as Jess and Bowser interview experts and relate their own personal findings, getting to the bottom of the funny, the weird, the haunted, and the unexpected.

The six-episode weekly series will take Bizarre States fans across the state and investigate subjects like the “Coronado UFO Incident” alien abductions in San Diego, the creepy lore of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, and even the hidden mysticism lying within the oldest Victorian homes in Los Angeles. Jess and Bowser’s travels will also take them up to the High Sierras to meet Matt Moneymaker of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” to hunt the elusive creature and then back to Hollywood where priest Charles Guelperin will channel spirits and teach them the ways of Santeria.

“We discovered a ton of funky, spooky, and downright crazy things on this adventure around California, and we can’t wait to share them all with our Bizarre States fans. California is a weird and mysterious state,” said co-host Jessica Chobot. Co-host Andrew Bowser added, “It’s hard to believe that after more than 200 episodes of the podcast, we can still find more bizarre and paranormal activity, but believe me… we did!”

Jessica Chobot has co-hosted Bizarre States since its inception in 2014 and also hosts Nerdist News and Nerdist News Talks Back. In addition to her hosting duties, and her obvious enthusiasm for nerdy pop culture, Jessica’s credits include writing the survival horror video game Daylight.

Andrew Bowser co-hosts Bizarre States and is an in-house director for Nerdist. He’s also the creator and star behind the internet persona Onyx the Fortuitous, also known as “The Weird Satanist Guy,” proving he’s no stranger to the supernatural.

To check out Bizarre States: California, new Alpha members can sign up at with the promo code “BIZARRE” for a special free 60-day trial.

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