Doom Patrol Casting Descriptions

Doom Patrol Casting Descriptions
by Bryan Scheidler

Are you getting excited for DC’s upcoming show Doom Patrol? Are you dying to know more about the show and what we can expect?  New casting descriptions have been delivered by a source familiar with the project. What do you think this means for the show?


JOSH CLAY – Male, 30s-40s, African American. Josh is an intellectual, scholarly looking man in a sports coat. He is the man in charge of what seems to be an exclusive academy. In reality, he is the sole person taking care of elderly people trapped in their own dementia. Unique looking…RECURRING GUEST STAR

OLD WOMAN – Female, Indian, 70s to play 80s. Even though this Old Woman suffers from a faulty memory, her former, dynamic, youthful nature still shines through from time to time…GUEST STAR

SYD BLOOM – Male, Caucasian, 50s. Seen in 1956, Syd is a character actor type, movie producer extraordinaire. He is also a lecherous perv that would be willing to cast a fading starlet in his latest wrestling picture if she accedes to his sexual demands…1 SCENE GUEST STAR.

MARILYN – Female, early 70s, open ethnicity. Marilyn was born in Jersey ,and is hard lived and tough as nails. She is the kind of woman who lights up a cigarette while dragging her oxygen tank behind her. When the world finds itself under a strange threat Marilyn is unfazed. In fact, she finds herself moving towards danger with a singular, no-nonsense purpose…GUEST STAR

MENTO / STEVE DAYTON Male, late 30s to early 40s, open ethnicity. He is the fifth richest man in America and is viewed as a heroic meta-human. He is handsome, kind, and charismatic. He once had a brief love affair with a movie star, but after his mind-reading abilities showed him a side of her he didn’t care to see he broke it off…POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR

ARANI – Female, 30s, Indian. Arani has the ability to control heat and cold, she prefers living a simpler life as a teacher to young meta-humans…POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR

DR. BERTRAND – Male, mid-40s-early 50s, open ethnicity. As severe as he is unimaginative, authoritarian, cruel, narcissistic, Dr. Bertrand is a psychiatrist in a sanatorium in 1972. A high success rate with his patients is very important to him, but he uses intimidation and physical abuse to acheive this. Suffering from his own demons, however, Dr. Bertrand becomes putty in the hands of a superior shrink. Think “Dr. Chilton” from “Silence of the Lambs”…GUEST STAR

ELINORE – 40s, African-American, Her role will be seen in flashbacks, she is the mother of Vic and a scientist. While chatting with her young son he has a fit of violent rage that changes the trajectory of both their lives…RECURRING

Doom Patrol is a DC show that follows the adventures of an idealistic mad scientist and his field team of superpowered outcasts.  Doom Patrol currently stars Matt Bomer, April Bowlby, Diane Guerrero, Riley Shanahan, Bredan Fraser and more.

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