MINImax Tinyverse Coming to Steam



I haven’t had a chance to play this yet, but MINImax Tinyverse may the game that destroys what little free time I have left in my life.

Developed by the Korean independent studio O’ol Blue, MINImax Tinyverse is a F2P real time 3D strategy-brawling god-game in which two realms of tiny beings try to conquer their rival’s towers.

In MINImax Tinyverse you can protect your favourite realm –Aillai or Creaea– as you control the environment, summon miracles, and lead your team to victory.

Before entering the battle in MINImax Tinyverse, you can select one specialist among a total of 4 fighting specialists- known as champions-, assemble troopers from 11 different options, and select up to 6 different miracles from a total of 22.

The game’s business model is Free to Play. However, along with its release, we’re also launching the Two Realms Unlock Pack that allows you to remove all the realm-locks on any locked character and miracle, and also provides the necessary in-game currency to obtain them for both realms.

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