Captain Marvel a Spoiler Free Review

Captain Marvel a Spoiler Free Review
by Bryan Scheidler

Captain Marvel Spoiler Free Review

This week Marvel Studios will introduce us to the latest character to join the MCU, Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is an origin story, but it doesn’t feel bogged down with exposition or set up as many origin stories do. Without getting into spoilers here are the bad and the good aspects of the movie.

I really don’t have much in the way of bad things to say about this film after my first viewing. The biggest issue I had with the film mainly involves the Kree, the aliens that Carol is a soldier for at the start of the movie. I can’t say much without spoiling things, but needless to say, some of their decisions were confusing to me. The other issue I had was that the first mission Carol goes on is dark and at times it is hard to see what is going on. It was an intentional choice, possibly to help show the confusion of the battlefield, but as a viewer, it was distracting. Besides that, everything else I enjoyed. The action sequences are great, the humor is spot on, and the characters are outstanding. A special shout out to Ben Mendelsohn who steals the show in almost every one of his scenes. Since this is a period piece there are a bunch of ’90s jokes that really hit home for anyone who grew up in that time. The score for the film is amazing and the soundtrack does for 90’s music what Guardians did for music from the ’70s and ’80s.

Another thing that I loved in the film was the subtle way it answered so many questions in the greater MCU. I say this as someone who was annoyed with how in your face this was done in Solo: A Star Wars Film. You could argue a similar thing is happening here, but it is done so much better here. Of course, since this is a Marvel movie you know to stick around during the credits for 2 post credit scenes. The first is the most significant of the two while the second is more of a palate cleanser. Honestly, the first one will get your blood pumping while the second is humorous yet entirely predictable.

The last thing I want to mention is the Marvel Studios opening got another change. This change is temporary and was done as a tribute to Stan Lee, but it really was a touching tribute. I was a much bigger fan of the old Marvel Studios logo, but this one was great so make sure and pay attention.

Captain Marvel Open this Friday, March 8th. Make sure and see it because the Spoiler filled Nerd Lounge Review will be coming soon after!

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