Avengers: Endgame SPOILER FREE REVIEW #DontSpoilTheEndgame

by Bryan Scheidler

Avengers_ Engame SPOILER FREE REVIEW-2

Avengers: Endgame opens this week, and for fans around the world it is the slowest week of their lives. After last years Infinity War audiences were left shocked and demanding to know the fate of their favorite heroes. Since this is a Spoiler free review, I’m not going to talk about any of that. What I am going to tell you about is if the film works and what the emotional impact is. First of all, yes this movie works on every level. The action, the humor, the pacing all seemed to be precisely what this film needed. Endgame has 3 acts with the middle act providing some necessary levity to break up the seriousness of the first and third act. The Russo bothers really did a great job of keeping the story going without leaving in a bunch of unnecessary scenes.

I found the film exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. If you are as invested in this universe as I am you will have so many emotions running through you; it will be hard to keep up. Personally, I teared up quite a few times, some times from sadness and sometimes from pure overwhelming joy. That is what Marvel and the Russo brothers have accomplished, a movie that is so full of emotion it is bursting at the seems.

I want to say more, but I won’t. I want to talk about my favorite scenes and where I think this is all going, but I’m not going to. After you watch the movie, Good Nerd Bad Nerd will have a spoiler-filled review and some conversation threads, but not yet. So go into the theater ready for what is genuinely a modern epic with an open mind and empty bladder.


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