MAYANS Season 1 DVD Release Party

MAYANS Season 1 DVD Release Party
by Julie Perez


Pictures by Julie Perez

Ready to binge-watch a television show?

Season 1 of Mayans will be released on DVD on August 20, just in time to get you caught up before it’s September 3rd Season 2 premiere.

Kurt Sutter’s spin-off from Sons of Anarchy, was a hit as soon as Season 1 premiered and there is no doubt that the momentum will continue with Season 2. With multi-dimensional LATINX characters, extraordinary acting performances and a storyline that keeps you invested the entire time; there is no denying that Kurt Sutter has figured out the perfect formula for a hit TV show.

Good Nerd Bad Nerd was able to attend the DVD release party at Heroes Motors this past weekend. The event was celebrated with catered food from Trejo’s Tacos and Trejo’s Donuts, as well as specialty drinks such as: the EZ Mule and the Marga-RIZ-a.

Emilio Rivera, Danny Pino, Michael Irby and Richard Cabral all made an appearance. The event served a reminder that though slow and steady, the steps are being taken to ensure proper representation in Hollywood for the LATINX community. The characters portrayed on Mayans are complex; they are strong and vulnerable and sometimes awful but often protective. Though the world in this show can often be looked at as a negative and violent one, Kurt Sutter and co-showrunner/writer Elgin James, have made sure to create complicated layers full of heart.

So make sure you catch-up with your DVD because Season 2 of Mayans premiers on September 3rd on FX, and be sure to follow @MayansFX and #MayansFX.


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