Natalie Burn: Producer and Actress for Acceleration

Natalie Burn: Producer and Actress for Acceleration
Season 7 Episode 12


This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd I talk with Natalie Burn. Natalie is the lead actress and producer on the new film Acceleration. She talks to us about her latest film including why she decided to take on this project and where her inspiration for her character came from.

Acceleration Synopsis
Vladik Zorich (Dolph Lundgren), a villainous crime lord, is double-crossed by his most trusted operative Rhona (Natalie Burn). Vladik’s propensity for power, control, and violence drives him to kidnap Rhona’s son forcing her to participate in a twisted plan to eliminate one of Vladik’s enemies. To keep her on a short leash, Vladik sets out the ‘rules’ to his ‘game’ and overseas Rhona’s every move as she navigates the darkened streets of Los Angeles. As her son’s life hangs in the balance, Rhona struggles to eliminate the most violent and depraved delinquents, however, Vladik underestimates the power of a mother’s love and finds himself losing control of his devious plan.

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