Christof Putzel creator of “American Jihadi”

Christof Putzel creator of American Jihadi
Good Nerd Bad Nerd Season 7 Episode 15


In this episode of Good Nerd Bad Nerd, I talk with award-winning reporter Christof Putzel about his new podcast American Jihadi. This podcast tells Christof’s story of his interactions with one of the FBI’s most wanted men.

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Updated Release Schedule:

Monday, December 2nd – Episode 1: “The Story”
Monday, December 9th – Episode 2: “Omar”
Monday, December 16th – Episode 3: “Omar In Paradise / Somalia”
Monday, December 23rd – Episode 4: “Omar As Al Shabaab”
Monday, January 13th – Episode 5: “Friendship”
Monday, January 20th – Episode 6: “Omar Online”
Monday, January 27 – Episode 7: “Aftermath”
Monday, February 3rd – Episode 8: “Epilogue”

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