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WEBTOON™ have started off the new year by celebrating its independent creators on CANVAS. From January 6-12, 2020, WEBTOON will be hosting an in-app reading event, encouraging readers to check out the 50,000+ series currently on CANVAS for free coins. CANVAS will be hosting a giveaway on Instagram (@webtooncanvas) for 99 Clip Studio Paint licenses and will be launching a series on the CANVAS platform titled CANVAS Corner, where they’ll provide resources for creators. WEBTOON’s front-page banners will be taken over by special CANVAS collections all week to bring awareness to the UGC platform and its talent.

CANVAS is WEBTOON’s self-publishing platform, where creators from all over the globe can come to set their story free.

​You can find CANVAS on Twitter and Instagram at @webtooncanvas, where we’ll be active all week engaging with creators and sharing series that people may have never seen before! Enjoy CANVAS Week!

More info on current programs:

CANVAS Reading Challenge! People can read 100 episodes of any CANVAS series to get 5 free coins! Complete rules page here:


We have also launched SEVEN collections highlighting over 150 series total, with a different theme being promoted via banner slot and social media each day! You can check out one of the collections, New Year, New Stories,
here – It features 20 hand-picked CANVAS titles that recently launched on the platform.


Besides all the fun series promotion we have going on, we are giving away 99 Clip Studio Paint licenses on our Instagram to people who draw their original characters ringing in the new year!


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