These Might Be the Ear Buds You’ve Been Waiting For!

Reftone In-Ear Reference Speakers Make Their Debut!

Reftones 1

Reftone is an audio company run by two of the most talented engineers in the music industry David Hampton and Lisa Chamblee and they just launched an Indiegogo campaign for their new LD-2H in-ear reference speakers. If these earbuds can do what they claim, then these may be the answer to all your audio needs. A set of amazing earbuds would be an impressive achievement on its own, but Reftone is also launching a new NS-10 woofer in the same campaign. Are all your music needs being answered in one place? I don’t know, but I will be sitting down with David and Lisa at this year’s NAMM to test them out and learn everything I can, so stay tuned for that interview.

Until then, go check out their Indiegogo and learn all about them and lend them your support.

Check out Their Indiegogo HERE

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