Phalanx of Resistance: Available Now on Steam

Phalanx of Resistance

Phalanx 1

Available Now on Steam

Berlin, Germany –March 31, 2020– Independent publisher 70:30 and development studio Scrycoast release their old school tower defense real time strategy game Phalanx of Resistance on Steam today.

Phalanx of Resistance mixes RTS gameplay with Tower Defense elements. Build your own base and survive devastating attack waves, place turrets, harvest resources and use weapons of mass destruction wisely.

“The gameplay in Phalanx of Resistance is unique”, claims the indie developer Dominik Michalke. “You’ll have to optimize your turret setup to defeat challenging, strong bosses, and progress in the game”.

Set in an old school C&C environment, Phalanx of Resistance features 50 exciting missions in 5 different environments, 30 turrets, 10 buildings, 30 upgrades, 4 resources, 5 W.O.M.D and tons of enemies.


  • Long term entertainment in an old school C&C setting.
  • 50 exciting missions in 5 different environments, difficulty increasing.
  • 30 different turrets, 10 buildings, 30 upgrades, 4 resources, 5 W.O.M.D and tons of enemies.
  • Challenging RTS gameplay mixed with powerful Tower Defense elements.
  • 5 Minute tutorial and you know how to play the game and have fun
  • Strong bosses only core gamers can defeat!

About 70:30

70:30 was founded by Benjamin and Dominik in 2010 with the goal to create entertaining iOS and Android games. They released the mobile games “Sergeant Crash” and “Quicken Chicken”. After a short time, Dominik added his Unity assets to the portfolio. 70:30 was then also known for it’s high quality Unity skybox series “Skysane”, found on the Unity Asset Store.

Later, the Steam games “Saturnine” and “Phalanx of Resistance” should follow.


About Scrycoast

In the end of 2019, Benjamin left 70:30. Dominik created a new presence called Scrycoast unifying all 70:30 products and new upcoming games & assets. Scrycoast also offers landscape animation and game music composition.

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