“GAMEMASTER” eSports Show to Help 3D Print Masks for First Responders



Show Is Currently 3D Printing Masks and Connecting Makers with Medical Providers in Need

New Show Featuring Host Wil Wheaton Has Delayed Production Start Due to Covid-19

ATLANTA — The upcoming esports reality show, GAMEMASTER, is lending a hand in the fight against coronavirus. With production delayed due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, downtime is being used to assist first responders and hospitals in need by 3D printing face masks, and by connecting other makers with medical providers in need online at gamemaster.tv. The new show — which features Wil Wheaton as the host alongside 12 amateur esports contestants from across the U.S. — was set to begin production this spring. GAMEMASTER is being produced by Georgia-based Peach Maria Productions (pronounced muh-RY-uh), and will be sponsored by AMD.

The show and Executive Producers John Colp and Laurie Lockliear are collaborating with one of their brand partners, Micro Center, who has graciously provided 3D printers and filament to GAMEMASTER. The face masks being 3D printed are the “Montana Masks” — the design available on the National Institute of Health website created by Dr. Dusty Richardson, Dr. Spencer Zaugg and Colton Zaugg. GAMEMASTER producers and crew will run the printing operations and handle requests and distribution of the masks. Guidelines for this 3D mask-printing program can be found HERE.

GAMEMASTER will also collaborate with Opera Event to share 3D blueprints with, and provide a network for, other “makers” around the country interested in helping to create and provide this vital equipment. To affect this, GAMEMASTER.tv now features an email portal for 1) those in need of masks, and 2) those who can help 3D print masks and distribute them in their communities.

“Like so many around the world, all of us at GAMEMASTER have been impacted by this pandemic. The idea of 3D-printing masks came to life when our team member, Reagan Stewart of Betta Innovations, shared the story of her wife — a nurse who is experiencing the shortage of critical PPE and medical equipment right here in our community. This is when we knew we had to find a way to help,” said GAMEMASTER Co-Creator and Executive Producer John Colp. “We are incredibly grateful to Micro Center, AMD and Opera Event for their support, and we thank all the makers who are helping us create a network to provide for those medical pros in need. We are also appreciative of our cast, crew and staff for sharing their ideas and energy to help make a difference.”

“I am so grateful for the thousands and thousands of health care workers facing this pandemic every day. In times like these, we must come together and support any way we can,” said GAMEMASTER Host Wil Wheaton. “When this idea was shared with me, I was immediately on board to help. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this show and its team than right now. We will get through this together.”


3D Printing and Distribution Program
GAMEMASTER will 3D print an initial run of 1000 face masks, and will then continue production based on demand. The show’s team will also continue to actively work to partner with makers in other communities of need to ensure supplies are being available all around the U.S.


  • If you are a first responder or medical professional in need of supplies, please register HERE.


  • If you are a maker with a 3D printer and want to help, please register HERE.
  •  Questions about the 3D printing mask program can be found HERE


  • If you live in a community with medical supply needs and want to share this information on social channels, please register HERE.

Program Incentives
In the coming weeks, GAMEMASTER will offer weekly drawings for registered Makers and Community Ambassadors, including:

  • Laptops / PCs
  • Meet and Greet with Will Wheaton
  • All-expense paid trip to the Season 1 live finale of GAMEMASTER
  • And more!

“Micro Center is proud to partner with GAMEMASTER to 3D print face masks for local hospitals. We are so deeply thankful for the heroic dedication of first responders and healthcare workers — we are honored to support them in every way we can,” said Micro Center President and CEO Rick Mershad. “Our company is truly passionate about serving local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to look for ways to give back during this crisis. Thank you to GAMEMASTER for all you are doing!”

“Through our network of 80,000 influencers, we are thrilled to partner with Wil Wheaton and GAMEMASTER to take on Coronavirus,” said Opera Event CEO Brandon Byrne. “We look forward to activating our more than 50 million followers to produce and donate lifesaving equipment to the frontline medical professionals battling this pandemic.”

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America’s most competitive amateur video gamers square off against each other in a nine-week, digital decathlon. Each week features challenges from top game developers and tech manufacturers in a comedy-fueled, e-sports broadcast hell bent on parodying all the action as the players face off to stay in the esports competition and win the title of GAMEMASTER!

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Peach Maria Productions (pronounced muh-RY-uh) is an Atlanta based production company founded by John Colp and Laurie Lockliear. GAMEMASTER is their first production.

John Colp | GAMEMASTER Co-Creator/Executive Producer 
Creator and Executive Producer of GAMEMASTER is a lifelong gamer and techie. He has a background ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to high tech start-ups in the entertainment, building, technology and manufacturing sectors.

Laurie Lockliear | GAMEMASTER Co-Creator/Executive Producer
Laurie’s entertainment career began in the 90’s working with radio stations, record labels, and as a production manager for national tours.  In 2017, she launched Saunders Lockliear Entertainment (SLE) a film, television and video game brand integration agency in Atlanta. SLE is currently working on productions for Amazon, HBO, Lionsgate Films and Paramount Pictures International.

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