The Treasure of Montecristo Island Launches Tomorrow

Welcome to the Island of Montecristo

For the past two and half years Good Nerd Bad Nerd Games has been developing their first board game, The Treasure of Montecristo Island. With the game complete and ready to be produced Good Nerd Bad Nerd Games is launching their Kickstarter Campaign in order to fund production.

The objective of The Treasure of Montecristo Island is to survive together as a team long enough to find the treasure, the Thief, and escape the island.

In order to find the treasure, players must gather resources from the island to craft various items. These items are either useful tools in order to help them survive or the altars which are needed to locate the treasure. Once all four altars are built and have been lit, the location of the treasure is revealed. Players must do all of this while not only surviving the dangers of the island, but also avoiding the Thief.

The Thief will hunt your players throughout the entire game; always trying to steal resources and deal damage to any player they cross paths with.

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