Netflix Releases Trailer for Season 2 of “Love Death & Robots”

Netflix has released a trailer for the upcoming installment of Love Death & Robots, the Emmy-Awarding winning animated adult anthology launching May 14th globally. The upcoming installment will include eight new animated shorts followed by a third installment featuring eight more coming in 2022.

Love Death & Robots is a blast of the future with its roots deep in the past. Show creator Tim Miller teamed up with director David Fincher after years of wanting to make adult animated features and short films at his animation house Blur Studio. When his directorial debut Deadpool hit big, they saw their opportunity and the anthology series found a natural home at Netflix. “We couldn’t have been happier at the response to the show,” recalls Miller, of the excitement around season one and the appetite for more. “It was exactly the kind of passionate reception from animation fans David and I hoped for, but for many long years had been told wouldn’t happen.”

For volume two, Miller was joined by Jennifer Yuh Nelson as Supervising Director. The Oscar-nominated director has vast animation experience – having worked in the industry for years and helmed Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3. Together they sought talented and diverse animation directors from around the world, for a blend of styles and stories ranging from violent comedy to existential philosophy. “It’s a tonal and stylistic Jenga game,” says Jennifer Yuh Nelson, “Trying to figure out which director might best handle what story.”

Automated Customer Service
(10 minutes)Directed by Meat Dept (Kevin Dan Ver Meiren, David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas)Animation Company: Atoll StudioBased on a story by: John Scalzi

(10 minutes)Directed by Robert ValleyAnimation Company: Passion PicturesBased on a story by: Rich Larson

Pop Squad
(15 minutes)Directed by Jennifer Yuh NelsonAnimation Company: Blur StudioBased on a story by: Paolo Bacigalupi

Snow in the Desert
(15 minutes)Directed by Leon Berelle, Dominique Boidin, Remi Kozyra, Maxime LuereAnimation Company: Unit ImageBased on a story by: Neal Asher

The Tall Grass(8 minutes)Directed by Simon OttoAnimation Company: Axis AnimationBased on a story by: Joe Lansdale

All Through the House(4 minutes)Directed by Elliot DearAnimation Company: Blink IndustriesBased on a story by: Joachim Heijndermans

Life Hutch(10 minutes)Directed by Alex BeatyAnimation Company: Blur StudioBased on a story by: Harlan Ellison

The Drowned Giant(10 minutes)Directed by Tim MillerAnimation Company: Blur StudioBased on a story by: J.G. Ballard

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