Concert Review: Mon Laferte

Concert Review: Mon Laferte
by Julie Perez

If you’re looking for a place to let out all of the frustration that you’ve accumulated in the last 18 months, then I highly recommend a Mon Laferte concert. 

With Flor de Toloache serving as the opening act, there was no denying that the show at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium was bound to be an emotional one. As an excited audience welcomed her with deafening screams, Mon Laferte stepped on stage wearing a baby doll –style dress and a wide smile spread across her face; confirming that she was just as excited as the audience was. She opened the show with “Aunque Te Mueras Por Volver” and having now witnessed her live for a fourth time it is clear that though her confidence on stage has grown, her humble nature remains the same. Whether it’s the shock that slowly spreads across her face when the audience loudly sings to one of her songs like they did with, “Mi Buen Amor” or when she’s accepting gifts that the crowd throw on stage, it’s evident that Mon Laferte is appreciating every part of her musical journey. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lifelong fan, know only one of her songs or are being dragged along by one of your friends; a good time is bound to be had at this show. There is no way you watch Mon Laferte pour her heart out on stage and don’t instantly fall in love with her. Though much of her show is spent singing heartbreaking songs like, “Si Tu Me Quisieras”, (which is where letting out your frustrations of the past 18 months comes in) Mon leaves enough room in her show for a dance break. Songs like “Plata ta ta”, “El Beso” and “Amarrame” give you permission to dance freely, which after 18 months of isolation is absolutely needed. 

Personally, I constantly feel overwhelmed by the state of our world and I appreciate any pockets of joy that I may come across. Mon Laferte will make you feel the perfect amount of joy because even though a lot of her songs deal with the kind of pain that turns you inside out, there is a relief that comes with experiencing that in unity at a concert. That’s what Mon does so perfectly and what embodies her shows, the way that she can bring people from all backgrounds together makes it evident that her music is necessary for a fulfilling life experience. You can just ask the white boy standing in front of me, who understood very little but enjoyed himself to the fullest. 

The encore included her most passionate songs, “Tormento”, “Antes De Ti” and her iconic “Tu Falta De Querer”. There is no doubt that Mon Laferte and her music will stand the test of time, the reaction from the audience to these three songs and the way the venue almost shook from the singing to “Tu Falta De Querer” is proof that her music has defined so many of our journeys. When all is said and done I hope that the best thing that Mon Laferte is remembered for is the way she makes people feel seen when they’re experiencing the deepest heartbreak. It’s the way her words help mend our hearts and make loving again feel a little bit less scary that make her so special. She is an artist full of magic and her live shows are proof of that. 

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