Flash Theories and Conspiracies Season 3 Episode 18

Flash Theories and Conspiracies Season 3 Episode 18 We finally saw the magical Abra Kadabra in action this week, were you impressed? More importantly, did he reveal the villain for season 4? On Camera Host: Bryan ScheidlerVideographer: Mike Quezada

Good Nerd Bad Nerd Season 4 Episode 18

Good Nerd Bad Nerd Season 4 Episode 18Guess What Dominated the News this Week? This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd there is lots of Super Hero news, including our Character Spotlight of the week. Plus from the bad news, a whole bunch of people made very poor decisions regarding their iPhone 7’s. https://www.hipcast.com/playweb?audioid=Pc70b16ff1f60a26a8ad7ea5a052e076fZVl8RX5uY2J8Wg&buffer=5&fc=FFFFFF&pc=FFE095&kc=FFFFFF&bc=FFFFFF&player=ap21

CW’s Flash Theories and Conspiracies Season 1 Episode 18

CW’s Flash Theories and Conspiracies┬áSeason 1 Episode 18 The Flash and the Atom team up this week to fight evil, but what does it all mean? I let you know that and what is happening to Cisco on this week’s Theories and Conspiracies