Teen Titans POP! Funko – These FUNKO ain’t nobodies sidekick!

Pop! Television: Teen Titans Go! Let’s give them a proper introduction! GO! T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S! Everybody’s favorite group of teen superheroes are now in Pop! formation! Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg can hold their own against Dr. Light even when they’re tiny! …And cute we might add!

Raising Nerds – Chapter 2

Raising Nerds Chapter 2 – Halloween, Heroes, and Candy    As a dad raising young nerds, everyday is like Halloween. I don’t mean we only feed our boys candy, but rather costumes are a regular part of every day. Just getting dressed is a grueling decision over which hero they will be today. A decision…