Word Nerd Review: Skysworn

Word Nerd Review: Skysworn
by Trisha Quezada

A few weeks ago I wrote about the 3rd book in the Cradle series by Will Wight and now the 4th book is out! This 4th book is the best of them so far. If you haven’t read anything by Will Wight yet you need to! Start this series or the Traveler’s Gate series, you can’t go wrong with either. In Skysworn, you get more information on the Abidan, find out what’s been going on with Lindon and Yerin, and get to meet some new characters that I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of in the next few books. We also get quite a bit of insight into the background and mind of Eithan.

I love the way this world/multiverse unfolds as you read through the books. It definitely requires some patience, but by the time you get to Skysworn the payoff is huge. The world of Lindon, Yerin, and Eithan is fascinating, confusing, conflicted, terrible, and wonderful all at once. I think the way the discovery of the world is drawn out through the books is one of my favorite things about this series.

That’s as much as I can say without spoilers so here’s your warning: Spoilers next.

We pick up the story after Lindon has been imprisoned in a Skysworn fortress for a year because he’s now a Blackflame. He’s spent his time preparing for his duel with Jai Long who is more advanced with more training. While he doesn’t win the dual (I’m glad he didn’t, because he shouldn’t have) and he loses an arm, Lindon’s loss seems to move Eithan’s master plan forward. Due to treachery by the head of the Jai family, a Dreadgod begins to wake which sets the stage for the remainder of the conflict in this story and the upcoming apocalypse that Lindon is trying to prevent. The rest of the story is focused on the forging of Lindon’s new arm, Yerin embracing something she’s been fighting against, and the introduction of Akura Mercy, the daughter of one of the Monarchs (the most powerful people in this world). The last chapter brought a lot of clarity, but also opened up another set of questions. That piece I refuse to spoil for you! I can’t wait to see how all of these pieces come together in the upcoming books.

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