Nerd Christmas Gift Giving List

Nerd Christmas Gift Giving List
by Bryan Scheidler

It is that time of year again. Time to engage in the joy of shopping for the ones you love. Unless the idea of trying to find that perfect gift always fills you with panic. Either Way I am here once again with my list of 10 things that any nerd in your life would love to receive as a gift this holiday.

1. Yu-Gi-Oh cards

This one came as a surprise to me this year, but it really deserves to be on this list. Back in college I had been a big fan of the show and cards, but over time I lost interest. That all changed after spending some time with the creators of the game during this years San Diego Comic Con. With my interest rekindled I started going through the cards again and I now find myself building multiple decks so I can play with my kids. It is a game that is easy to pick up, hard to master, and always changing. It is these aspects of the game that make it perfect for any age group to try their hand at. There are lots of different starter decks out there so find a theme that fits the person you are giving it to. While you are at it, get yourself a deck and then challenge them to a duel


2. Lego’s Women of NASA

Lego’s are always a popular choice. When has anyone ever been sad that they got Lego’s for Christmas? This year a very special set has been released that is educational and cool. The set features four of the most important women in NASA’s history: Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison and is a must have for any space nerd in your life.

3. DC Animated Box Collection

It is no secret that I think DC’s animated feature films are the best in the genre. Outstanding animation, directing and voice acting make these films outshine their live action counterparts. If you are looking for a great way to introduce someone to these movies, this collection is what you need. All of DC’s animated films in one box set. This set has 30 movies and over 20 hours of additional content. It is a must have for any DC fan.

4. Star Wars Battlefront 2

The Sequel to one of the biggest games of this console generation, and they did what no one expected, they added a single player campaign story mode. If you are familiar with the previous Star Wars Battlefront you can expect more of the same, just bigger! More heroes to play, more maps, the prequels, more space battles, and a single player campaign. If the hype can be believed, it feels like they heard the complaints about the first game and really tried to do something about it.

5. Sony A7R III Camera

Looking for a great versatile camera? Look no further than the A7R III, the lates Digital SLR from Sony. I currently use its predecessor as my daily work horse and it is amazing. It produces a better image, faster, with better battery life and a duel memory card slot for fast writing. It is a great improvement and combining it with Sony’s wide range of lenses makes it suitable for any job.

6. cuphead

the Independent game that took gaming by storm. Cuphead has very straightforward game play. The game consists of side-scrolling shooter action that is reminiscent of Megan Man or Contra. What makes the game truly remarkable is the artistic style of the game and the care that was put into creating it. This is a digital download game, so make sure you get a download code for the correct platform!

7. Super NES Classic Edition

This is a no brainer for any gamer. 30 classic games all in one package. If you can find one, get it!


8. Sudio Headphones

Audio headphones are a very personal choice. Choosing between in ear, over the head, noise canceling, water proof, and other styles isn’t always easy. If you are looking to get some headphones as a gift this holiday, you might want to take a look at Sudio. They sent me a pair to try out in studio and I can honestly say I love them more and more each day. The audio quality is outstanding and they are not ridiculously over sized. To put it in context, I wear them everyday while working for 5-6 hours a day, they are that good.

9. From a Certain Point of View (40 different Star Wars Stories celebrating 40 years)

As a kid getting a book for Christmas was never fun, but this book will change that. A collection of Star Wars stories celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Franchise, this collection is a great gift for any Star Wars fan. Check out our Word Nerd’s review of the book HERE

10. DJI Spark

The other big ticket item on this list, the DJI Spark. Drones are cool, that is science fact. DJI is one of the leaders in consumer drones and for good reason, they make quality machines that anyone can fly. It is classified as a mini drone, but don’t let its size fool you. The Spark has a max speed of 31 MPH, can fly for up to 16 minutes per battery charge and can film at 1440 x 1080. For the nerd in your life that loves filming, flying or a little of both, a drone is a sure thing as a gift, and the DJI Spark is a great model to get them started with.


(Full Disclosure: Konami has been sending me sample packs of their latest decks and booster packs. However, the inclusion of the cards on this list is in no way influenced by that)

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