The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Christmas Gift Guide

It is nearly here, the most wonderful time of the year or the most stress inducing depending on how you feel about the holidays. Don’t worry though, here at Good Nerd Bad Nerd, we once again try to alleviate that stress by helping with the hardest thing of all…shopping. Our annual gift guide gives you some great ideas for the nerds in your lives and the best part of all, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Presenting the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!


The Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game: There are many trading card games out there, each unique in it’s own way. However, Yu-gi-oh has always been my favorite game and not just because I still watch the show. The creative team over at Konami is constantly expanding this game, and not just the cards available. They are also constantly changing up the gameplay mechanics. This means that the game never gets old since there is always some new way to play just around the corner. Think you have an unbeatable deck? Only for now, because new monster types and game play styles will always  keep you on your toes. It is a game that is easy to get into and pick up but never gets old.

Betrayal at House on the Hill: I’ve recently been playing a lot of board games, and the list of games I have yet to play is still very long. However every time I get together with friends to play, Betrayal at House on the Hill always makes it’s way to the table. This game is endless fun, partly because it is impossible to have 2 games that are exacatly the same. The game has 50 different scenarios that can play out (and that is with out the expansion pack) and some of them are so completely different it is crazy. If you are looking for a a baord game to get, this one offers a ton of replay value.

Fall Out 76: The only video game on my list this holiday is the latest installment in the Fallout Franchise. Fallout 76 builds off of the mechanics introduced in Fallout 4 but has refined them for an amazing experience. I have always been a fan of the survival genre games (see Rust or 7 Days to Die), so I was very excited to see what a AAA studio could do with the genre. I have yet to play it myself, but everything I have seen has me very excited for this game. Who wants to survive the apoclypse with me?


Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Quest Illustrations 30th Anniversary: This one isn’t for everybody, but it is such a great book that it is hard to pass up. Dragon Quest is a video game franchise that has spaned over 30 years. The series is currently on it’s eleventh entry in the franchise and still going strong. The art was created by nerd legend Akira Toriyama who most people know as the creator fo the Dragon Ball universe. His asthetic is iconic and any Dragon Ball fan will recognize it right away. This book is a testament to Toriyama’s style as it evolved over the years and is something any fan of his will cherish.

DC Comic’s Batman White Knight: This elseworlds story is kind of amazing and needs to be read. What if Joker goes straight and Batman is seen as the villain? That is the question this graphic novel answers and it is a crazy good read. I don’t want to spoil anything about this, but just know you need to buy the whole thing. It needs to be read completely to be truly enjoyed, not just in parts.


Red vs. Blue – The Shisno Paradox: The brilliant minds over at Rooster Teeth productions bring you another installment in the ground breaking series Red vs. Blue. If you have never experienced this series, now is the perfect time to explore it with their latest film, Red vs. Blue – The Shisno Paradox! 

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Batman the Animated Series Box Set: This is what every animated comic show will be measured against forever. You have no reason not to own this or to gift it. It is that good!

The Princess Bride – Critereon Collection: I described this recently as one of few perfect films. It is perfectly quotable, memorable and rewatchable. There isn’t a single bad scene and it is another example of something that needs to be owned or given as a gift!

Dave Made a Maze: This movie came out of nowhere and is just bonkers, but in that way that makes you happy. It is so much fun to watch especially with friends. If you haven’t seen or heard of this film you are missing out and your life is not complete. What are you doing with your life?

Nerd Toys:

Fortnite Action Figures: If you are buying for a nerd in your life then there is a very good chance they are a fan of Fortnite. McFarlane Toys which is known for putting out amazingly detailed action figures has released 4 new action figures all from the Fortnite Battle Royale game. They all look great, but my personal favorites are Skull Trooper or the Cuddle Team Leader.

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet: I was tempting to put this with clothes, because when is an Infinity Gauntlet not an appropraite fashion accessory? With Avengers 4 nearly here, this will make you or your special nerd the envy of all. Get it early and sneak it into your Christmas Cards you send out!


Hero Within: This clothing line was started by a nerd for nerds that want to show their nerd pride while still dressing up a little. Founder Tony Kim has made something amazing here and the Quality of the clothes is undeniable. They have everything from shirts, pants, and jackets for men and women. I strongly recommend the Batman Peacoat, if anyone is asking.

Nerd Kung Fu: If t-shirts are more your speed, then head over to Nerd Kung Fu. They have a huge selection of nerd shirts that should cover what ever fandom you are in to!


Nerdy Decor:

Zombie Gnomes: What better to say welcome to our home than with The Original Zombie Gnomes. These are a work of art, each one hand made just for you. Why not welcome the appocalypse to your home in the coolest way possible. Make sure you are getting a ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Chris and Jane original or you are getting ripped off! Oh and they even have a Christmas Ornament in case your tree is looking a little boring

Sideshow Toys: One of the originals when it comes to nerd statues. SideShow has been producing some of the most detailed statues that you spend hours staring at them. I can’t really pick which is my favorite, but I have my own long list of their statues that I need.


Nintendo Switch: If a new console is being considered then the Nintendo Switch is your best bet. The newest console out currently it brings portability, flexibility, and Nintendo’s amazing library of games. Plus those other consoles are nearing end of life soon while the Switch still has years to go.

DJI Spark mini Drone: Drones are always a tough call when it comes to gifting. The really small cheap ones are hard to fly and really breakable, but the quality ones tend to be expensive. The DJI Spark mini drone is the best of both worlds, quality construction that won’t break the bank. DJI is known for their top of the line drones and the spark continues that tradition in a small package.

EVO by ozobot: The Evo by ozobot is an outstanding little robot. designed as an educational robot this little thing is so much fun to play with. with multiple ways to control it, the Evo make a great gift for anyone young or old that is interested in robots or programming. I have had the chance to play around with one and I got my kids mad at me because I wouldn’t let them use it, definitely a popular little guy in our home.


Sample Products: As a matter of complete Transparency  Konami, ozobot, Viz Media all sent me review samples of their products. None of those products made this list because of that, and I fully endorse any and all of my recommendations

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