SPOILER FREE Avengers Infinity War Review

SPOILER FREE Avengers Infinity War Review

by Bryan Scheidler

AIW Spoiler Free Review

Avengers Infinity War is finally here and… what can I say that won’t spoil anything?!!

For the record, I am unapologetically a Marvel fan boy. I have been my entire life and I love the MCU, even the weaker films in the universe. So it is no surprise that I loved this film, from start to finish it was outstanding; this was a visual treat. More than that though, it was emotionally exhausting. The movie jumps from great action sequences to light hearted comedy to moments of tragedy and then does it all over again. You, as the audience, are never given a chance to get comfortable with the situation as it keeps changing. This feeling of unbalance gives you a kinship with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, always playing catch up trying to get ahead of whats coming next and drives you to feel as if you are a part of the action.

The biggest risk with a crossover movie like Infinity War is whether or not it will be able to achieve a consistent tone. Trying to combine the Guardians of the Galaxy with the Avengers post Civil War is not an easy task. The risk of these characters not sounding or acting like the characters we have grown to love could have really hurt this movie. This is not the case with Infinity War. The Guardians, Thor and the Earth bound heroes all feel like they have a unique voice or, rather, they have their unique voice. Star Lord still feels cocky, but “not 100% a dick”.  Captain America is still stoic with the weight of the world on his shoulders, and Black Panther is still the king with the power to unite his people while looking outward. They all feel like the characters we love and not like someone had to rewrite them as new versions of themselves in order to fit into a crossover script.

Should you go see Infinity War? The easy answer is yes, but let me qualify that. Like I said, this is a very emotional movie and for those of you that get very emotionally invested in movies, that will definitely make this movie hard to watch. Also the movie never lets up, so if you were hoping for a moment in the movie when you might be able to sneak off to the bathroom, it isn’t going to happen. So be prepared to stay for all 2 hours and 40 minutes of the movie (plus 1 post credits scene) otherwise you will miss something, and I promise it will be important. If you are still on board, then buy your ticket and go see the movie, and do it before someone spoils it for you!

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