Overwatch World Cup Competition Committee Phase 2 Voting Has Begun


The Overwatch World Cup endorsements are in: head to worldcup.playoverwatch.com and log into your Blizzard Battle.net account to see your nation’s runoff Competition Committee slate of coaches and community leads (see below for Team USA and Canada). At the end of phase two of voting, one coach and one community lead will rise to the top.

Here’s how it works:

  • For community lead, all players from qualified countries may cast one vote for the person they feel would do the best job rallying their community and marketing their team to the masses.
  • For coach, the top 150 PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players from each qualified country may cast one vote for the person they feel would best guide their most talented players to victory.

Players can only vote once, for one candidate per role.

This phase of voting runs from today through May 30 at 9:30 a.m. PDT. After the votes are tallied, on May 31 we will announce the full Competition Committees (including GM, which is selected by Blizzard) for each Overwatch World Cup nation. All three positions will enjoy equal say regarding which players will be included on their proposed team roster.

For more information about the 2018 Overwatch World Cup, visit the official site, check out the official rules, and be sure to follow @PlayOverwatch on Twitter for updates.

Team USA

Coach Candidates

  • Kyle Souder ‘KyKy’
  • Aaron Atkins ‘Aero’
  • David Pei ‘dpei’

Community Lead Candidates

  • Tyler Winter ‘ShokFanTyler’
  • John Horstmann ‘kickedtripod’
  • Griffin Bennett ‘Gennin’
  • Andrew Merriman ‘Merry’
  • Michael Padro ‘Padromi’
  • Cindy Tran ‘Spuds’
  • Analynn Dang ‘Analynn’
  • YoungSeo ParK ‘CMZ’
  • Reba Robinson ‘nyxeRebus’
  • Zack Wack ‘BroYouWack’

Team Canada

Coach Candidates

  • Ronald Ly ‘Renanthera’
  • Justin Conroy ‘Jayne’
  • Mohid Asjid ‘MrBleeple’

Community Lead Candidates

  • Stephanie Yan ‘IDDQT’
  • Nathan Chan ‘KarQ’
  • Sam Bouchard ‘Hexo’
  • Kevin Hendricks ‘PhazePyre’
  • Andrea Bourget ‘HeartOfRuins’
  • Alexis Tavares ‘BASTET’
  • Jen Pichette ‘LemonKiwi’
  • Jong Ng ‘OverMeme’
  • trisha kurz ‘trisha’
  • Arik A

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