Interview with WESG CS:GO winner Vanity


The World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) USA National Finals took place last month and brought together some of the country’s top players. They competed in CS:GO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, PES 2019, StarCraft II and Vainglory for a $200,000 prize pool. Team Singularity, was the first place team in the CS:GO portion of the competition and I got to ask Anthony “vanity” Malaspina, a member of the team some questions about eSports and the competition.

First some background questions for readers:

Bryan: How did you get into eSports and at what point did you decide this was something you could seriously pursue?

Vanity: I got into eSports watching Call of Duty black ops 2 back in 2012/2013 I don’t remember exactly but that was the first game that piqued my interest

Bryan: What was your plan before eSports took off?

Vanity: Getting a degree in accounting

Bryan: When did decide to focus on CS:GO as your competitive game of choice?

Vanity: I initially was competing in Call of Duty and then they added an age restriction which would have caused me to not be able to compete for 1.5 years so I decided to try another game.

Bryan: What do you play to unwind when you aren’t practicing or competing? Can you still enjoy casually playing CS:GO?

Vanity: CSGO is the only video game I enjoy playing for long periods of time.

Bryan: What has the response been form your family?

Vanity: My Family is really supportive and they are a huge part of the reason that I am still chasing my dream. Without the support of my parents/family I would not be able to pursue this.

Bryan: How did you get your gamer name Vanity?

Vanity: Alias ego was taken in call of duty and I’ve always had really high self confidence so I looked up synonyms of the word and eventually ended up on Vanity

Bryan: How long do you see yourself competing with CS:GO and would you ever consider changing games?

Vanity: The only game I could ever see myself switching to is the rumored Riot FPS. I will play CSGO until that releases and then reconsider.

About the Competition:

Bryan: What do you do before a competition to prepare?

Vanity: Nothing special I just play the game

Bryan: What is your role on the time and how much time do you spend practicing that vs. other roles?

Vanity: I’m assuming that is supposed to be role on the team and I am the In-game leader and Entry fragger/2nd awp I do pretty much everything.

Bryan: Do you scout other teams before heading into a game?

Vanity: Not frequently I don’t like to think too much about other people

Bryan: What is the pressure like during a competition?

Vanity: I haven’t felt pressure playing CS in close to a year. I know I can compete with the best and I know i’m good enough so the pressure isn’t there.

Bryan: What did this victory mean for you as a team and individually?

Vanity: We came in expecting to win and it’s nice to win my first somewhat relevant LAN


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