39th Razzie® Redeemer Award Nominees

Razzie Redeemer

An actress, an actor, a director, a franchise or a studio? This year’s Razzie Redeemer Award has five diverse contenders who redeemed themselves from Razzie-favorites to critic’s picks. We hope we might have had a tinge of influence in their progression.

Usually the Razzie Organizers choose the winner for this particular category, but the choices were so intriguing we wanted to open it up to public voting.

NoteMelissa McCarthy is up for both Worst Actress and Razzie Redeemer for two different projects.

The Razzies partnered with Goldderby for the vote.  Go to Razzies.com for info on Goldderby link.

The contenders for the 39th Razzie Redeemer Award are:

Actress: Melissa McCarthy – who went from a multi-Razzie darling to a critically acclaimed Oscar Nominee for her out-of-caricature role in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

Actor:  Tyler Perry – from a multi-Razzie nominee and winner for his self-imposed Madea trap to his role as Colin Powell in the Oscar and Golden Globe favorite – Vice.

Director: Peter Farrelly from Razzie Winner for Movie 43 and more shallow choices like “Dumb and Dumber 2” etc… to director/co-writer of the deeply heartfelt “Green Book”

Franchise: From the Razzie targeted heap of metal Transformers to the more innocent and endearing 3-dimensional approach taken with Bumblebee.

    Sony Animation Studio from crass multi-Razzie winner, Emoji Movie to the highly acclaimed Spider Man Into The Spider-Verse, which was loved by critics and audiences alike.

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