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Los Angeles, CA (May 8, 2019) – WEBT​OON, the #1 webcomic app with more than 55 million monthly users and 10 million daily readers, continue to go where the creators go as they trek to Houston this week for their first appearance at Comicpalooza announced today. Celebrating their first appearance at Comicpalooza, WEBTOON will have a booth near Artist Alley featuring their “Green Room” – a place for creators to gather throughout the day for rest and refreshments, exclusive merchandise, multiple signing sessions, daily giveaways, panels, portfolio reviews, and creator workshops. Creators attending include 2019 Eisner nominee Mongie (Let’s Play), winner of the 2018 WEBTOON Discover Creator Contest Kristina N. (Cape of Spirits), fan-favorite Monica Gallagher (Assassin Roommate), acclaimed creator Thom Zahlor (Cupid’s Arrows), 2018 WEBTOON Discover Creator Contest finalist Swansgarden (EdithI), Texas native Junepurr (SubZero), popular Discover creator Jjolee (LOST in TRANSLATION), and WEBTOON’s own KennyComics! For more information see below or visit WEBTOON.

WEBTOON lead with storytelling, encouraging readers and creators to find that unique thing that fuels the passions in life. WEBTOON celebrates that vision from the ground up with our creators, fans, and the community of storytellers that make up our modern comic landscape.

Comicpalooza 2019 Booth Schedule

o   12:00PM       Tote Bag Giveaway
o   1:00PM         Portfolio Reviews with WEBTOON Staff
o   2:00PM         Portfolio Reviews with WEBTOON Staff
o   3:00PM         KennyComics Workshop
o   4:00PM         Junepurrr (SubZero) & KennyComics Signing
o   5:00PM         Mongie (Let’s Play) Signing
o   6:00PM         Kristina N. (Cape of Spirits) & Jewel Suan (Edith) Signing
o   7:00PM         Blind Bag Giveaway

o   10:00AM      Tote Bag Giveaway and Portfolio Reviews
o   10:30AM      Junepurrr (SubZero) & KennyComics Signing
o   11:30AM      Monica Gallagher (Assassin Roommate, Boo! It’s Sex) & Thom Zahler (Cupid’s Arrows, Warning Label) Signing
o   1:30PM – 2:30PM Discover More on WEBTOON Discover! Panel – Room #350DE

About: Webtoon Discover is the free and open platform for any creator to publish their digital comics and connect with millions of readers around the globe. Come meet some of the creator community’s independent talent and learn how they started their series, developed their characters, are finding their audience on Webtoon, and monetizing their series!
Host: Jin Kim, Webtoon Discover Creator Care
Talent: jjolee (LOST in TRANSLATION), Junepurrr (SubZero), Leeanne “Mongie” Krecic (Let’s Play), Kristina N. (Winner 2018 Discover Creator Contest; Cape of Spirits), Swansgarden (Finalist 2018 Discover Creator Contest; Edith)

o   3:00PM – 4:00PM Romance Revolution Panel – Room #350DE

About: When it comes to comics, for the past 30+ years the theme has been Romance IS DEAD, but over the past few years digital comics have led a new renaissance of romance titles. Hear from creators who have been at the forefront of this movement and the how and why this neglected genre has found an audience that vastly out scales traditional capes and tights.
Host: Yooni Kim, Webtoon Head of Social Media
Talent: Monica Gallagher (Assassin Roommate), Thom Zahler (Cupid’s Arrows, Warning Label), Junepurrr (SubZero), Leeanne “Mongie” Krecic (Let’s Play), Swansgarden (Edith)

o   4:30PM         Kristina N. (Cape of Spirits) & Jewel Suan (Edith) Signing & jjolee (LOST in TRANSLATION Signing
o   5:30PM         Mongie (Let’s Play) Signing
o   6:30PM         Blind Bag Giveaway

o   Sunday:
o   10:00AM      Tote Bag Giveaway and Portfolio Reviews
o   11:00 AM     KennyComics Workshop
o   12:00 PM      Kristina N. (Cape of Spirits) & Jewel Suan (Edith) Signing
o   1:00 PM        Mongie (Let’s Play) Signing
o   2:00 PM        Junepurrr (SubZero) & KennyComics Signing
o   3:00 PM        Portfolio Reviews
o   4:00 PM        Blind Bag Giveaway

WEBTOON™ is the #1 webcomics app, averaging more than 55 million monthly active users, with north of 10 million daily readers – more people read web comics on our platform in one day than watch most television shows. Founded by NAVER Webtoon in 2004, WEBTOON became a cultural phenomenon and pioneered the distribution and consumption of web-based comics. Launched stateside in 2014, WEBTOON has thousands of creator-owned titles with episodes updating daily.  WEBTOON features a broad and diverse catalog of content – including fantasy, romance, sci-fi, LGBTQ, and more. The WEBTOON app is free to download on Android and iOS devices. The content is free and downloadable, for reading when offline. WEBTOON is always working to enhance the user experience with technology – including enhanced FX Toons, which allow creators to include music or animation in their WEBTOON to benefit user immersion. WEBTOON boasts partnerships with Legendary, Lucasfilm, POW!, Top Cow/Image, and more. WEBTOON takes the comic experience to the next level by providing readers with daily curated content and giving creators an intuitive platform designed to help them easily publish and publicize their own original comics. WEBTOON creators have been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards – three in 2019, as well as winning a multitude of Ringo Awards – seven in 2018. WEBTOON is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

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