Here There Be Dragons

Sandy, UT — June 11, 2019 — ​Dragon Federation​ announced today the discovery of a clutch of dragon eggs and development of AR and VR technology to access the dragon realm.On Tuesday, June 11, Dragon Federation will release ten styles of physical dragon eggs on Kickstarter​forpurchasewithacompatiblemobileaugmentedrealityapp.D​ ragonFederationis launching on Kickstarter to raise $30,000 in 45 days in order to produce the dragon eggs professionally and at scale.

Dragons, previously confined to board games and “geek” culture, are currently revered in pop culture, enamored by celebrities and discussed at length in media. Starbucks has even created a new dragon beverage. Most of this interest and obsession stems from ​Game of Thrones, a​ nd, in part, from the H​ ow to Train Your Dragon ​franchise.

“We want to give everyone in the world the opportunity to have their very own dragon ,” said Co-Founder Samson Madsen.​ “This started with my kids wanting a pet. Instead of a dog or a cat, I thought: ‘Why not a dragon?’ We are fans of dragons and enjoy the lore of these mythical creatures. We saw an opportunity to create a community who shared our passion. From egg to app, we want people to see that dragons are real.”

O​nKickstarter,​backerswillselectfromoneoftenvarietiesofdragonegg.C​ urrentegg prototypes are made of resin and hand painted. 4,893 total eggs will be available in Common, Uncommon, Rare and Extremely Rare varieties. Prices start at $99 for a limited, early bird purchase window and increase to $1,999. The company expects to start shipping in late Q2, 2020. The Dragon Federation Expedition Team “discovered” various clutches of eggs in locations throughout the Rocky Mountains. ​The dragon eggs on Kickstarter are from the Mountain Skál species, which are multi-colored and have plate-like overlapping armor scales, spines and blunt, rapid retractable talons.

Common Eggs:​​Dark grey slate($150);Light grey slate($150); Brown/grey slate ($200)

Uncommon Eggs:​​ Dark grey slate/Pine Green($300); Light Grey slate/light green ($300); Grey/brown slate/pine green ($500)

Rare Eggs: Glacial Blue Base with Wild flower colors ($650); Glacial Ice/Snow with highlights of grey/brown ($750)

● Extremely Rare Eggs: Pure glacial ice blue($1,000);Pure snow white ($2,000)

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