SPOILER FREE – Spider-Man: Far From Home review

SPOILER FREE – Spider-Man: Far From Home review
by Julie Perez


It felt fitting that Spider-Man: Far From Home kicked off with “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, since that’s how I usually feel after I watch any movie with Jake Gyllenhaal in it.

I’ll be honest, most of the things related to the Marvel Universe go over my head. There’s just so many connections that one can keep track of and since the superhero trained missed me when I was younger, I’ve been slowly trying to catch up on everything I missed.

Far From Home kicks off weeks after where Endgame left off and with Peter Parker attempting to go back to a normal life after the loss that he suffered. This film takes the journey international and it immediately feels like Tom Holland excels when portraying the uncomfortable. Being a teenager is exhausting on its own; add to that attempting to keep a massive secret and you make room for scenarios that add effortless comedy to an otherwise tense-filled and action-packed movie. The romance part of the storyline felt necessary, not only because Tom Holland and Zendaya have powerful chemistry together but also because it adds depth to the complications that come with being a teenager.

Introducing Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in this film, was the perfect move and it only took a few scenes to see why Jake chose this film to finally jump into a large franchise. The script called for multiple layers to Mysterio and as he often does, Jake Gyllenhaal absolutely delivered. The chemistry between him and Tom felt palpable and their complicated relationship on screen made for the perfect theme throughout the movie.


I think I avoided superhero movies for a long time because I dismissed them as throw-away films that were lacking of any actual depth.

I can admit when I’m wrong.

Spider-Man easily becomes a favorite in the Marvel Universe and it just may be because Tom Holland’s actual personality finds a way to shine through the character. There is no denying that he was born to play this role and never is it more evident than when we get to an emotional scene. Tom Holland has made an art out of being vulnerable on screen and though I can never see anyone else playing Spider-Man as magically as him, I cannot wait to see what other work he dives into with more free time in his schedule.

Maybe my limited knowledge of the Marvel Universe is affecting my point of view, but I‘m truly finding it difficult to find something wrong with Spider-Man: Far From Home. The ride felt effortless, the storyline easily found its way and the cast was truly incredible. If this is the next chapter in this massive franchise, then I say they’re headed in the right direction.

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