Review: Petoons Party

Review: Petoons – A Family Fun Game

(1-4 player Local Co-op or Solo Play Available)
by Nikolas Cochran

IMG_3129With bright colors, vibrant text, & a playful animation style, this game brings the fun of competition to your living room. Solo or with friends/family you choose from an assortment of colorful characters. Each character has outfits that can be unlocked by completing portions of the game. The game itself consists of 4 “board games.” Within these board games, you roll a dice to move in a turn-based system.

There is a variety of different things you land on as you progress through the board game. From adding points, taking points from other players, losing a turn, & even getting sent back. If two players land on the same circle, they engage in a Rock, Paper, & Scissors mini-game. The victor receives points whereas the loser loses points and could possibly be sent back X amount of spaces. After everyone has had one turn, the game has you play a mini-game. These were the best part. There were about 28 different mini-games that get unlocked as you progress on the 4 different boards.

Each mini-game brought me right back to classic games such as Frogger. However, Petoons takes it up a notch. The speed, action, & just pure whimsy of these mini-games had me hooked. I think the controls were easy to handle and understand. The best parts were, without a doubt, the calm music and vibrant visuals. This is perfect if things like Mario Party don’t do it for you OR if they are your jam, then this is right there with it. Having played many family/friends play games, I would recommend this title. 8/10. This title makes me excited to see what Petoons Studio comes out with next.

Reviewer: Nikolas Cochran
Editor: Beatriz Hoover
Editor-in-Chief: Bryan Scheidler

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