Game Review: Firewatch

Game Review: Firewatch
By Skunk and Trizzle


Skunk’s Review

Just have to say this right at the jump, HOLY CRAP THIS WAS GOOD! Ok now that that’s out of the way we can dive right in. Firewatch reminds me of another indie game I played called ABZÜ. In the way of its beauty, music, writing, and ease of play. It brings every element I look for in a game: Choice, Problem Solving, Emotional Response, and Comedy.

You start off in a text-based introduction that lays the foundation of what’s happened in our main character Henry’s life. The choices made here have profound impacts on your game throughout its entirety. I found this intro to be both uplifting and emotional. I was hooked right away.

After completing this portion you find yourself headed to your new job as a fire lookout in the Wyoming Wilderness. Upon entering your new post atop a mountain you meet your new coworker Delilah via the small hand radio on your desk. She is quite a character.

From here your story progresses into what I can only describe as a rollercoaster of emotions and jaw-dropping moments. It seemed like every time I thought I knew what was happening something insane would happen and I was thrust right back into that feeling of “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!”.


I played through this game in one sitting and was continuously texting my great friend (Trizzle_Plays) during this endeavor with things like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!”, “WTF IS HAPPING RIGHT NOW!”, “I’m already crying”(that was within 45secs of the intro). Needless to say, this game has made my Top 5 best games ever played. I HIGHLY recommend it to any gamer. It does have strong language and adult themes-esk. However I recommend, if you’re a couple, play this together. It’s just so good.

I look forward to playing this game several more times one of which will be with the optional Developer Commentary playthrough. It’s an endless bounty of emotional mystery. 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Trizzle’s Review

4 years later the images and music make me smile. So when Skunk told me of his woe of what game to play, I immediately thought of Firewatch, one of my personal top favorite 5 games of all time and literally made up his mind for him by making him play this game. Which only meant, I had to go back in. Happily, I might add.

Firewatch is beautiful, and like what skunk said, it’s packed with the emotional roller coaster of sadness, joy, laughter, followed by a one-two punch of a lot of OMG what what what??!!? moments. I mean, I seriously restarted the game just so I made sure I picked the right option about adopting the DOG! yup just like Skunk, I was emotionally committed. I played this game with my husband in the background, within 15 mins of my first initial play though I wasn’t allowed to move along the story without him nearby. yes, it’s that good.

Character Development: its rich in backstory with the main character Henry, but its also full of intrigue, and with the voice acting just by over a walkie talkie, you can’t help by liking them and in some cases, feeling sorry for them with bouts of being angry at them. There are options on how the game and story will go is all based on your decisions, each lending to different voice lines and results.


Music Score: Chris Remo did an amazing job capturing the soul of the game from the first notes of the Prologue, to the heartbeat moments that made you realized that all was not what you expected when “Something’s wrong”, to the afternoon sunset of Henry sitting down eating his sandwich while “Canyon Sunset ” played in the background. Without missing a beat, his strings of notes played with your heart, your soul, and helping the gamer really immerse themselves into Shoshone National Park. You can currently find the full musical original score and other playlist tributes on Spotify.

Artwork: While the graphics aren’t fully detailed, the scenery and the coloring from the sunsets to the wildfire lit night skies are just simply beautiful and peaceful. I currently have a piece of artwork hanging up in my gaming room and only wish that there was more. I seriously cannot have enough artwork for this game.

Its an indie game that can capture any mature gamer that liked a game that has story, background, and a soul. Campo Santo did just that, it made a game that had a soul and it captured yours.

Replayable? After four years of owning this game, yes yes it is. A solid 100/10.
The question is, will you go on the helicopter when it comes for you?

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