Game Review: Pig Eat Ball

by Skunk and Trizzle


A top-down arcade-style game. You’re Princess Bow who’s father King Cake decides is time to marry off. She decides to take her future into her own hands. Dawn disguises to fool your dad and battle your way through countless puzzles and mini-games as you try to beat the system. How you say? By eating till you just can’t eat anymore. No problem, just puke it all out! That’s right, use your puke powers to take out enemies or just break stuff or maybe you just want to puke on everything? With a wide verity of disguises and over 200 puzzles to solve you will find yourself in a seemingly endless merit of vomiting and LSD fueled landscapes. Eyes open for nods to other top tier arcade games. Pssst, there’s a sweet Pac-Man nod early on but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Countless hours of fun and a must buy if you love over the top arcade-style games.



After seeing mi amigos review, I grew curious about the game. Well, imagine a game that has the mechanics of Pac Man, but that’s where the similarities end. Sort of.
You eat to win! You puke to win! It is like Thanksgiving at Moms all over again! As you play, you solve puzzles at every level, each becoming more difficult to solve as your progress all for the sake of saving your space station kingdom, avoid being married off like some fatten pig at the market, just another typical Monday for some of us. As you play our fearless Princess Piggy, you become get fatter and fatter, rolling along doing her thing by emotionally eating tennis balls till victory. Enemies approach, what do you do? That part is easy, you bypass a vomitorium and indulge in the act of vomiting all over your enemies, YUS QUEEN SLAY! Use your vomit for the greater good and take down the enemies with your partially digested tennis balls. Endless spew all over the place, dead bodies, yourself and your dress, all for the sake of avoiding marriage ( like honestly there are better ways to do this gf).

Other than an unhealthy food disorder, and the patriarchal tradition of marrying off your daughter that causes her to go on this eating and vomiting battle path for independence and saving her home it’s honestly a very fun game, slaying her enemies away while trying to do 200 puzzles of an escape room to avoid marriage. This game was clever, made with tons of heart, like honestly, you can sense how much fun the game designers had with it, and it was just a little curious piece of creativity that can happily stay in your library. Honestly, if potty humor is your thing, you will serious honestly love this game. The music is super catchy, the sound effects are great ( yes including the vomiting sound), graphics are beautifully done, the arcade game playing style, the puzzles are amazing to get through and BOSS BATTLES, you ever wanted to fight a big plate of nachos with your friends? This is your game! Multiplayer is available on nearly all platforms, except Nintendo Switch. The game has a great support team if there’s ever a problem to arise, I would give this a solid 8/10 for puzzles, battles, replayability, multiplayer options on some platforms and heart, so much heart went into this game that it made it fun.

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Initial release date: September 26, 2018
Developer: Mommy’s Best Games
Genre: Action game
Publishers: Mommy’s Best Games, INDIECN
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and More

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