Meet Stacey Roy, The Nerdy Bartender

Meet Stacey Roy, The Nerdy Bartender

by Bryan Scheidler

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How often have you gone out for a fun night only to have the night ruined by sub-par drinks? For example, you and your friends spend the ridiculous high entry fee to one of those trendy pop up bars only to get inside and discover the drinks are a joke? Sadly this has happened to me more often than it should, and it is experiences like this that Stacey Roy was sick of that led her to become the Nerdy bartender.

Six years ago, Stacey was inspired to teach the world how to make good drinks after a particularly lousy day. While working at the Foggy Dew, an infamous bar in Coquitlam just outside of Vancouver, she met destiny in a terrible concoction. Deciding that someone needed to teach the world how to make quality drinks, Stacey took it upon herself to share her knowledge with the world. Since then, Stacey has been hosting “The Stacey Roy show” on Youtube and Twitch, covering everything: food and drinks. Most recently, Stacey has launched her new show, “The Nerdy Bartender,” on DrinkTV.

stacey-roy-champagne-and-purple-vodka---by-ashley-ferreira-8eWith Season 2 of her show underway, I got to talk with Stacey about her favorite drinks and being a nerd. Stacey had grown up as a nerd, and action junkie for as long as she can remember has wanted to act, host and produce content. Since getting cast in other people’s work was becoming challenging, Stacey decided to try her hand at creating her content. This decision would be what introduced her to content creation for YouTube. Part of what has driven Stacey was her desire to make content that involved her passions. Fully believing that if you only try and create content for other people, you will burn yourself out. This philosophy is what sparked the idea of combining mixology with nerd culture. This philosophy has been a hit with people worldwide, as Stacey gives her advice for parties, game days, and special events.

For those not familiar with The Nerdy Bar Tender, Stacey takes inspiration from her favorite nerdy properties to create her unique mixed drinks. In season one, she had drinks inspired by Venom, the Simpsons, and Monty Python’s The Holy Grail. Season two is bringing drinks inspired by Harry Potter, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and more. Stacey said her inspiration comes from everyday life when trying to decide on what her themes would be for season two. Whether it is a movie she recently watched or a conversation she had with friends, she never knows what will inspire her to make that new drink that deserves an episode on The Nerdy Bartender.

You can catch all of Stacey’s nerdy creations from both seasons of The Nerdy Bartender on DrinkTV. You can also see her weekly streams on Twitch.

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