Review: LP’s Virtual Concert

Review: LP’s Virtual Concert
by Julie Perez

I am convinced that most of the world’s problems could single-handedly be solved by the strength of LP’s whistle.

At a time when we’re all, for the most part, stuck indoors and not interacting with many people it’s been interesting to witness how different musicians are becoming innovative when trying to connect with their fans. The question is, are these virtual connections just as powerful as in-person ones?

LP is the latest artist to put together a virtual concert for her fans. Unlike others I’ve seen though, this was not a stripped or acoustic version of what would normally be her concert. For $20.00, you were able to log in to and witness a full-blown production put together by LP, her band and her team. As someone who has attended too many concerts to count, I will admit to being reluctant about the idea of a virtual concert. Concerts are such a unique and exhilarating experience that I couldn’t fathom capturing that magic any other way than in-person surrounded by a large group of excited fans.

LP kicked off the show with “When We’re High” and I’ll admit that my reservations quickly faded. The production included lights that brought the stage to life, a band that was completely invested in the experience and LP who gave us flawless vocals that blew my mind. The show included many classics from her discography. From the vocally eccentric “Dreamer” to the passionate “Special” to the emotional “Other People” to the exhilarating “Shaken” and the heartbreaking “Recovery”.

If you’ve ever been able to experience LP live, then you would have shared my uncertain feelings about the idea of a virtual concert. I found it hard to wrap my mind around the fact that the energy of a live show could be captured through a screen. Yet, LP and her band put on one hell of a show. The fact that a chat box was on the side of the screen, where people could comment throughout the show, brought the community feeling into the event. Though nothing could replace the feeling one gets from attending a live show, given our circumstances, I say this is a nice alternative.

Sure, experiencing your favorite artist in person is special but there’s also something to be said about experiencing them without the drunken singing and sweaty bodies behind you.

You can still purchase tickets to the recorded Livestreem at LP.VEEPS.COM.

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