Virtual Concert Review: SuperBloom The Live Dream

Virtual Concert Review: SuperBloom The Live Dream
by Julie Perez

When the day-to-day feels so mundane, it feels refreshing to watch a band breathe new life into the day. 

2020 put a damper on Misterwives’s plans. Their album release didn’t quite look how they envisioned it, the promo tour was a lot more virtual and by default there was no tour to announce. Truly, it was a shame since they were releasing one of the best bodies of work that 2020 has seen. When their album SUPERBLOOM was born from the breakup that lead singer Mandy Leed suffered through, I’m sure she had no idea the power that the album would have. The album tells a cohesive story of love lost, finding yourself and believing in love again. The music was begging to be played live and Misterwives did what they could under the circumstances. 

SUPERBLOOM The Live Dream is a virtual concert experience that occurred on Saturday, December 12th

Being an avid live music fan, I have been privy to a few virtual shows during these Quarantimes and yet, Misterwives feel like the only ones to give the fans with an actual experience. The show, much like the album tells a cohesive story full of bright visuals, epic outfit changes and emotional poetry. Mandy Leed is a storyteller and never has it been more evident than when watching SUPERBLOOM The Live Dream

When most of us have had a tumultuous year; this explosion of music is just what so many of us needed. Mandy Leed is magnetic with a microphone in her hand; the passionate vocals and aesthetically-pleasing outfits make her a performer that you can hardly keep your eyes off of. Misterwives performed the entire SUPERBLOOM album in order, and with the kind of energy that made it clear that the songs were begging to be sung loudly and passionately. 

If ever we needed music that inspires us to keep going, it is now and Misterwives beautifully delivers that message. You can listen to their album SUPERBLOOM on any music streaming platform. 

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